HeartSpace – the programme I knew I needed to do. As soon as I signed up, I had chest pain. My heart was stirring, aware that it might just be released from the tight grip that I’ve had on it for so long.

This programme brings transformation to the heart, by exploring how we occur in our relationships. On the surface I’m a very friendly, sociable person – but the reality is I let very few people into how I’m really feeling. Life shows up to constantly affirm that I need to do it all on my own and it’s not worth trusting anyone else. My structural response is to try to control everything.

Over the long weekend, I shared my ‘story’ with laughter and tears while music stirred and swelled emotions within me. I experienced a new connection with the possibility of the heavens and a renewed connection with the earth through exploring my formative relationships. Jean Torné’s heartfood nourished us throughout.  Facilitator Greg Johnson even suggested I might be generative – now there’s a new possibility!

The chest pain went. My heart feels open, and it’s pretty scary and quite amazing how quickly an open heart can feel threatened. My relationships are showing up so differently, released from the fixed view I’ve been holding them in. And I’m showing up differently, willing to admit that I haven’t got a clue what’s going on, and more open to letting crazy, wonderful, unpredictable life in.

Joia de Sa