In this series of 8 classes entitled 'Honouring New Life', we will connect with the energy of spring, take on a project and manifest it into existence. Coming together online, we shall empower ourselves with the energy of the ‘Source Form’ and movements for the 'Centre for Decisions'.

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Honouring New Life – Spring Tensegrity Series

All of life exists within cycles that guide the flow of energy in our universe, all living creatures are connected in this rhythm. This can be clearly seen through movement of the four seasons, particularly in the moment of transition between two seasons.

Standing as we are currently, at the cusp of spring, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the energy moving around us and amplify its impact in our lives.

During the winter which recedes behind us, energy descended downward into the earth, we drew inward, conserving our resources. As we enter spring, that movement is reversed. Energy ascends, sap rises in the trees, the plant kingdom extends toward the heavens and we feel the urge to move our bodies, to shake ourselves off and wake up!

Everywhere we look, nature is beginning to grow. Each day between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice the hours of daylight increase, and more and more of the sun’s energy reaches the earth. Blossom swells into full bloom, buds and shoots proudly protrude from the earth and become strong new plants and many creatures within the animal kingdom prepare to bear their offspring.

The urge for renewal surges through our bodies. We yearn to cleanse, clear out and create. ‘Spring cleaning’ expresses our desire to discard old energy, let go of what is not needed and make space for that which is new. Now is the time to plant seeds for possibilities. It is time to create the next chapter of our lives!

During this 8-week Tensegrity series, we will…

Connect with the energy of spring and use its power to assist us in creating a new project, something we want to manifest into existence.

Coming together online, we shall empower ourselves with the energy of the ‘Source Form’, a group of magical movements which connect us to life, expressing the creative force of male and female energies and the power of source that is available when they come together. The Source Form also has a protective quality; creating a shield of energy around the physical body and stimulates the shimmering awareness of the energy body.

We shall also learn movements for the ‘Centre For Decisions’, which clears the site of energy connected with making decisions and expressing ourselves. This is a challenging area for many of us and yet a source of power essential for all projects to succeed.

Supported by our practice of Tensegrity, over the 8-weeks of the series we will:

  • Identify areas of your lives that we want to clean out and clear up.
  • Create a project we want to take on – it may be something we have already begun or something we would like to start.
  • Make a clear plan with steps which will help us manifest our project into existence.
  • Take action, working remotely with a partner to keep us on track, reviewing our progress along the way.
  • Complete the project (or if the project is a big project, complete the first stage).
  • Review what we did, what worked well and what could be improved.
  • Say thank you and acknowledge our energy body, which guided us on our journey.
  • Complete, ready for summer and the energy of abundance and all that wants to come next.

Areas of your life for a project may be wide-ranging. A project could have to do with your physical health, your home, your work, social, personal or financial projects you are focused on, or any areas of import and commitment in your life.

This series is open to all. We especially welcome newcomers – those who have not practiced Tensegrity before or engaged with any work previously with Concord Institute.

Tensegrity is a set of disciplines that originated from a lineage of Seers and and Shamans from Ancient Mexico. It is comprised of Magical Passes (movements of body and breath), practices for recapitulation (life-review), dreaming (awake and asleep) and inner silence.

Concord Institute Facilitators have been trained and certified by Cleargreen, the organisation founded by Carlos Castaneda to teach and promote Tensegrity. To learn more about the Facilitator, Charlotte Hopper, click here.

This series shall take place once a week for 8 weeks via Zoom. For full details and to register please scroll down.

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upcoming dates:

Classes will take place online on the following dates from 6-8pm:

Wednesday 1, 8, 15, 29 April, 6, 13, 20, 27 May (no class on 22 April)

Available as a full-series only (drop-in not available)

Please note, should restrictions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) be lifted, we may re-evaluate the time at which the classes take place and whether the classes are able to take place in person at the centre in Finsbury Park.

Spring Tensegrity Series programme details

Available as a full-series only (drop-in not available).

Location: Online

Price: £150 (Series)
(deposit £50, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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