Join us for a Cooking Intensive with Jean Torné, celebrating the new growth of Spring, energising and immersing yourself in the culinary delights of the season.

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Spring Cooking Intensive taught by Jean Torné


Spring is the season of renewal and growth. As energy rises and weather becomes warmer, our bodies have different needs to that of the cold winter months. We want lighter, cleansing and more refreshing foods that help us to eliminate the excess from the winter.

We naturally look for ways to let go and lighten up, releasing blockages and ensuring we are not ‘clogged up’ as we move toward the lighter months.

In our kitchen in springtime moves us away from long-cooked stews, bitter greens and animal fats that keep us grounded and warm through the cold. Instead, we open towards the new growth of the season.

We spend less time cooking, adapting our approach to be appropriate for the tender greens and fresh vegetables.

We avoid heavy baking and strong fires, using instead styles which preserve freshness and draw our energy upward, in harmony with the world around us. We engage methods such as steaming, searing without oil, water-based stir-fry, broiling and more. Most importantly, we must learn how to make these lighter dishes tasty and mineral-rich, to ensure our satisfaction and lack of cravings!

When selecting our wholegrains, we look for the rounder, fatter grains such as barley and wheat, including spelt, einkorn and kamut. For our protein, we prepare dishes such as steamed tempeh, warm lentil salads, green mung beans and adzuki beans with sour apples.

We also prepare light broths with a dash of lemon juice and umeboshi, and relish in fresh pea soups! Instead of lots of root vegetables, we enjoy an abundance of greens; spinach, chard, mustard greens, sorrel, wild garlic, nettles and more.

This is the time to sprout seeds like sunflower seeds, and beans like mung beans, lentils, chickpeas, to create extra freshness and vitality. We use seaweeds like hijiki and arame to help cleanse our bodies from deeply held energy, and prepare simple tonic teas with shiitake mushrooms and kombu seaweed, as well as fresh herbal teas such as nettle… which is a must!

During this programme you will learn the essential knowledge and practices for cooking between the months of April – June, exploring the essential distinctions which will give you the ability to cleanse the dormant energy of winter and enter the flowing energy of spring.

During this 6-day Cooking Intensive you will learn:

  • How to adapt your approach to cooking for best health in spring
  • The importance of ‘upward energy’ and how to create it in your diet and kitchen
  • 30 recipes for spring cooking, which you can easily adapt and modify at home
  • 6 essential cooking styles you need for spring
  • How to cook wholegrains, pulses, other proteins and vegetables for this time of year
  • The importance of the sour taste for cleansing the body and how to incorporate it easily

This approach of this programme is based on a Macrobiotic framework. We draw on natural, unprocessed foods, seasonally appropriate wholegrains and pulses, sea vegetables, seeds, nuts, fermented foods and fruits.

Dishes are primarily plant-based, occasionally augmented with careful use of dairy and fish. We use sustainably produced organic foods of high quality and good provenance.

A taste of some of the delicious dishes we may learn:

  • Soups; classic pea soup with a twist, umeboshi soup, spring barley soup, consommé (a light vegetable broth), nettle soup
  • Snacks; pea and broad bean shakshuska (a warm mix of greens with a poached egg), steamed tempeh with fermented mustard sauce or sorrel dip
  • Mains: green barley risotto with crispy tempeh, warm lentil salad with warm goats cheese or vegan option
  • Fish: organic salmon in young beetroots, poached cod filet with lemongrass
  • Sides: Fresh sprouts, pickled spring onions and assorted quick pickles

For the maximum value and learning experience we recommend you attend the full 6-day Intensive (8 sessions).

The option of attending half (4 sessions) is also available.

At the end of the course you will receive all the recipes printed, together with a list of recommended suppliers and shops for the best ingredients.

To find out more about Jean Torné click here to visit our facilitators page.

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upcoming dates:

The programme is comprised of 8 hands-on cooking sessions over 6 days:

Two full weekend days (Sunday and Saturday) and four weekday evenings;

Sunday 29 March (10am – 7pm)

Monday 30 March (7pm – 10pm)

Tuesday 31 March (7pm – 10pm)

(Break on Wednesday 1 April – No Class)

Thursday 2 April (7pm – 10pm)

Friday 3 April (7pm – 10pm)

Saturday 4 April (10am – 7pm)

Spring Cooking Intensive programme details

Register your place online via the link below. For telephone booking or enquires please call 020 7607 1140.

Location: Concord Institute, London, N7 7NU

Price: £575 (Full - 8 sessions) or £300 (Half - 4 sessions)
(deposit £150, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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