Join us for an easy and accessible introduction to wholefood and macrobiotic cooking taught by Jean Torné, recognised as one of the top wholefoods cooking teachers in the world.

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Concord School of Culinary Arts Presents: Jean’s Wholefoods Primer

An easy, enjoyable and accessible introduction to wholefood and macrobiotic cooking.

The course accommodates vegan, vegetarian and macrobiotic styles of cooking, facilitated by Jean Torné – recognised as one of the top wholefoods cooking teachers in the world (see bio below).

For those wanting to transform their health and ensure their well-being, this course will provide you with the basic training and knowledge to launch your life in a new and more healthy direction.

It has become clear to us, as the original pioneers of wholefood and macrobiotic cooking in the UK dating back to 1976, that making a wholesale dietary change to a seasonally-balanced natural foods regime will help to establish biological integrity and dramatically reduce instances of ill health and strengthen immune capabilities over time.

Jean will teach participants on the choice and origin of foods, how to approach cooking and on the basics of wholefood cooking outside all beliefs, ideology and convictions.

It is an approach to wholefood cooking which won’t trap you in some restrictive dietary programme, but opens up a world of possibility and freedom in your relationship with food.

The course will make a clear distinction between foods for regular use (principle foods), foods for supplemental use (seasonal and secondary foods), and foods for irregular and occasional use (outer spectrum foods) such that you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of food choices and preparation styles.

Jean’s intention is to share his passion for a cooking that is alive and healthy, reflecting seasonal colours and tastes, bringing a rich multi-cultural heritage to the cooking, whether from the Mediterranean, Japan, France, Italy or North America.

What you will learn in this wholefoods primer?

  • How to cook cereal grains and pulses, bringing out natural tastes and nutritive qualities.
  • How to perform simple cutting and cooking techniques for different occasions.
  • How to meet protein, mineral and vitamin requirements with a plant-based diet.
  • How to include certain animal products such as fish and dairy when needed.
  • How to modify and adapt cooking for gluten-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free diet.
  • How to save time and minimise waste in cooking.
  • How to source foods, where to buy, where to find reliable shops and online shops.

The course begins on Friday evening with an overview of the world of wholefoods and the opportunity for each student to share what they would like to get out of the course, followed by a hearty meal prepared by Jean.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, Jean will present a demonstration cooking class and explain to students each step and the reason for each ingredient and method.

After a light tasting lunch of this meal, participants will work together in small groups to cook the meal which Jean has demonstrated, with the help of recipe sheets and of course Jean’s guidance!

At the end of the afternoon, students will eat and enjoy this meal together. The day will complete with an opportunity to review the class, ingredients and cooking methods, as well as asking any questions of Jean. There is invariably a hearty discussion of health and wholefoods that takes place, and Jean will divulge his wisdom from many years of cooking.

Recipe sheets will be provided for students to take away and practice at home.

Jean Torné

Chef Jean Torné has been involved in classical and natural food cooking for over 40 years. Early in his career, Jean worked in several prestigious restaurants in Paris and Lyon, where he gained invaluable experience in meal planning and preparation and kitchen management.

During his career, he opened and operated several natural food restaurants, one in Paris in 1979 and another in Antwerp in 1981, co-founded a natural food cooking school in 1990. In 2003 he founded the Concord School of Culinary Arts, a new educational division of Concord Institute in London, which he directed until 2008. In 2019 he established Jean’s Kitchen – opening the culinary education of Concord Institute to the general public.

Jean is recognised for his love of natural food cooking and his passion for exploring new savours and textures, drawing inspiration from different ethnic and traditional cuisines. In his teaching, he attempts to bring a new understanding of the essential relationship between nutrition and well-being.

He actively travels throughout Europe to cook and teach about wholefoods.

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upcoming dates:

February 2020

Friday 21 February (7 – 10pm)

Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 February (10am – 5pm)

Jean’s Wholefoods Primer programme details

To make an enquiry or book your place, please call the office on 020 7607 1140.

Location: Concord Institute, London

Price: £195
(deposit £75, non-refundable and non-transferrable)

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