A weekend workshop with Guilhem Morera, exploring the ancient science and wisdom of astrology and the cards. Participants will explore symbolic language and the flow of energy through our lives.

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As we reflect on our modern times, we see that human domination over nature in pursuit of comfort has come at a great cost. Not only have we lost connection with the planet, we have lost a sense of intimacy with our inner-world, a type of ancient knowledge.

Amidst the thrust of society obsessed with future and technology, there are those, almost like archaeologists, devoted to rediscovering old knowledge and sharing it publically. Through connecting with their teachings, we are able to access an ancient wisdom that touches our deepest nature, and experience a clearer understanding of ourselves which enlightens our path.

The ancient Art & Sciences of Astrology, Alchemy and Cartomancy are all disciplines of this old knowledge. The wisdom they bestow has been transmitted by initiates throughout the ages, with the sole purpose of awakening consciousness and providing practical tools to guide us through life.

Over recent centuries, a deliberate intent to suppress and falsely classify this knowledge as superstition has relegated its perception within the general public to that of mere fantasy. The widely known Horoscopes, available online and throughout the printed press, have actively participated in the destruction and contempt of these once revered ancient Sciences.

However, for those willing to put aside such limiting views, these old arts become incredible tools to support us as we navigate life, and a wonderful unfolding of ancient wisdom becomes available.

Last year, Guilehm Morera joined the Institute for the first time to teach a special workshop on the ancient science of the 52 Cards. After much success, he returns to lead another two-day workshop. This year, he shall include a special focus teaching the basis of Astrology. With a practical, interactive conversation, he will share the knowledge of the dynamic of the Zodiac, the significance of the signs in relationship to each other, the houses and the planets. He shall demonstrate how Astrology relates to the ancient science of the 52 cards, and furthermore offer the insight and discovery of how it connects back to our own lives.

Over the course of the weekend, participants will learn the essential structures of the ancient science of the cards, including the principles of the number and the symbol system. Once understood, this knowledge becomes a bridge that we can use to connect to our intuition, our spirit, our soul and to the ‘real’ world around us. Students will also discover the key cycles within their lives, gain a bigger view of what may have been going on during these times, and see the influence of those cycles on the rest of their existence.

A special introductory class will be offered on Friday evening before the workshop commences, for those students who did not attend Ancient Science of the 52 Cards workshop with Guilhem last year. In this class Guilhem will teach you how to find the card that corresponds to your birthday and to read your life path.

Guilhem is the author of two books about the ancient science of the cards one of which he wrote in collaboration with Howard Crowhurst, a megalithic monument expert. Guilhem has been taught into this ancient science by a few teachers including US astrologer and author Robert Lee Camp.

Watch here for an interview with Guilhem about the programme, and what participants may stand to get out of it.

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