In this series of 8 classes of Tensegrity, we shall practice movements which originate from Ancient Mexico, connecting with the energy of summer, abundance and joy. As energy moves, we shall discover the true skills and gifts we have to offer the world, allowing a natural leadership to emerge through our lives.

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Calling on the Duende; Invoking the Spirit of Creativity, Leadership and Joy

“The great artists of Southern Spain, Gypsy or flamenco, singers dancers, musicians, know that emotion is impossible without the arrival of the duende.”

Federico Garcia Lorca, Theory and Play of the Duende

Summer is a magical time. Nature swells with growth, plants bear fruit, gardens and meadows brim with bright colours and fragrances. The plant kingdom gives itself to the world with abandon and celebration.

In long hours of daylight, the sun’s energy heats the earth. This is the season connected with the element of fire, which in many ancient traditions is associated with the heart.

In this 8-week Summer Tensegrity series, we will learn a long form of movements named ‘Calling on the Duende’, which invokes the spirit of creation and emotion.

We shall begin the series by grounding our energy, so that we are a match for the fire season. With the earth underneath us, we embark on a journey to discover our natural gifts and talents.

In our everyday awareness, our gifts are often overlooked, or seen through the perspective of our self-concern (fear, worry, judgement, shame) or self-importance (vanity, arrogance, pride).

By practicing Tensegrity, we will shift our perception and connect to our ‘energy body’ or ‘dreaming body’, and experience our gifts from the perspective of infinity.

Looking from this bigger context, energy can flow through us and our gifts begin to grow, ripen and bear fruit. We can put our talents in service of our lives, others, the world around us and our dreams.

As we complete this series, we shall feel the energy of summer and the duende rising; creativity, leadership and joy emerging through us.

Tensegrity is a set of disciplines that originate from a line of Seers and Shamans from Ancient Mexico. It is comprised of Magical Passes (movements of body and breath), practices for life-review, dreaming and silence.

Concord Institute Facilitators have been trained and certified by Cleargreen, the organisation founded by Carlos Castaneda to teach and promote Tensegrity. To learn more about the Facilitator, Charlotte Hopper, click here.

This series is open to all. We especially welcome those who have not attended events at Concord Institute or practiced Tensegrity before.

upcoming dates:

Classes will take place online on the following dates:

Wednesday 10 June, 6-8pm
Wednesday 17 June, 6-8pm
Wednesday 24 June, 6-8pm
Wednesday 1 July, 6-8pm
Saturday 4 July, 2-4pm
Wednesday 8 July, 6-8pm
Wednesday 15 July, 6-8pm
Wednesday 22 July, 6-8pm

Summer Tensegrity Series online resource details

Available as a full-series only (drop-in not available)

Location: Online

Price: £150
(deposit £50, non-refundable and non-transferrable)