Power Food Brown Rice Recipe

Rice has been the main staple food in Asian countries for several thousand years. Whole grain brown rice is nutrient rich; protein, vitamins and minerals are all condensed into a tiny grain – which makes it a true power food.

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Delicious Okonomiyaki Recipe

Okonomiyaki is a simple, traditional Japanese pancake, known as the Soul Food of Osaka. This is a classic recipe from Mutsuko Johnson.

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Autumn Cooking Intensive (with Mutsuko Johnson)

This will be a rare opportunity to learn how to prepare and incorporate Japanese-inspired wholefood meals into your dietary programme. This is where it all started.

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Intrepid – Musical Piece by Chris Warren

Here, we share a piece of music written by community member Chris Warren. Below, he shares a little about himself and this track…

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Wonderful Mushroom Stock

Winter is the perfect time for soups… and yet many of us lack something which makes a good soup truly delicious – a wonderful, rich stock. Below we are treated to a recipe for Mushroom stock from master chef Jean Torné.  A more advanced recipe for the adventurous cook!

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Michio Kushi – Honouring Our Lineage

This past year a group of 20 people affiliated with Concord Institute completed a 12-day pilgrimage to Japan, highlighted by a trek through the Kumano mountains of Wakayama prefecture over several days, paying our respects to three ancient Shinto shrines. The main shrine, the Kumano Hongu Taisha, was celebrating its 2,050th birthyear since its founding.

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Thyme-Scented Brown Rice

Brown Rice – A staple of Macrobiotic cooking, offered here with hint of Thyme!

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A delicious recipe for Cavolo Nero

We find Cavolo Nero everywhere at the moment, a great source of good greens for the Winter. Very sadly, it is often served under-cooked, hard and chewy – not nice!

In this recipe, we slowly cook it to release its naturally delicious flavour and comforting softness. 

It works well on its own as a snack, as a side dish, or as a delicious topping to a slice of toasted sourdough bread, rubbed with garlic!

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Learning to fall – Marie Fallon

Look up into the white winter sky.

I am that wild bird

with the broken wing


and a heart filled with survival;

flying endless circles

and never coming home.

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On my relationship to cooking – Francoise Auvray

Today, I cook for the well-being of those I ‘feed’, including myself, and for the deep sensory pleasure it gives me.

Sometimes it shows up as a chore, but as I start cooking I am taken by the opportunity for creativity and making a gift of deliciousness and nourishment. I get energy just from this simple practice, even before I eat and even if I become physically tired in the process.
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Why do we cook? – Jean Torne

Cooking is an act of creation. The cook transforms the coarse material of foods into finer elements.

For the nourishment of the body to become that of the soul; the cook must be aware of the sacred dimension of cooking, that a kitchen is a sacred space, that cooking is like performing a series of rituals, in order to give and honour life.
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Why do we dream? – Charlotte Hopper

My dreams have often been vivid affairs. My family and housemates over the years would witness a typical morning emergence with me entering the kitchen, hair disheveled, to announce… “I had the strangest dream last night”.

If I were lucky, they would grant me the listening to share my tales, piecing together the strange series of events, and I would revel in reliving them, delighting in the opportunity to externalise my nocturnal explorations into the fixed reality of my waking world…

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