Concord Institute offers an integral model for health that encompasses a range of transformational disciplines, including wholefood nutrition, bodywork practices, self-expression and the creative arts.

At the heart of the charity’s work is a powerful core curriculum of transformational education programmes that enable people to experience a fundamental paradigm – or viewpoint – shift in the way they experience themselves and the world around them. This process quite literally transforms the system of cognition, the very lens through which we know and thus experience ourselves and the world – with far-reaching implications for personal health and well-being at every level.

Concord Institute hosts regular introductory events where you can come and find out more about the work we do and the programmes, workshops and events that we offer, including our weekend ‘gateway’ programme, iEvolve.


Dates: TBA
Time: 7-9pm
Price: Free
Location: Concord Institute, London and Star Anise Arts Cafe, Stroud
Call to book: Please call or our office on 0207 6071140