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Winter Solstice

Published: Wednesday,21 December, 2016

To mark the winter solstice, today’s blog post invites us to connect with the importance this time of year held for our ancestors, and remind ourselves of the cyclic nature of life.

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Sharing iEvolve: Passing on Possibility

Published: Sunday,27 November, 2016

Sharing your experience of transformation can be a challenging and daunting experience. Here Andi Osho talks about her experiences of introducing iEvolve to friends and family and what she has discovered about passing on the work.

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Breath is Life!

Published: Saturday,19 November, 2016

Breath is life! Anita Vlajinic Churcher takes us through the biology of how we breathe an introduces us to two different types of breathing exercises we can use in our lives.

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Celebrating Life with Homecooking

Published: Sunday,6 November, 2016

Macrobiotic chef Mutsuko Johnson explains the importance of listening to our bodies, how cooking is a dance with Nature and shows us some delicious seasonal recipes.

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Tensegrity Among the Megaliths

Published: Thursday,27 October, 2016

This week’s post looks back to Cleargreen’s Summer workshop among the ancient megaliths of Carnac in France last year.

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Pumpkin & Adzuki Stew

Published: Wednesday,19 October, 2016

A recipe for a rich and nourishing Pumpkin and Adzuki Bean stew by renowned Wholefoods chef Jean Torne.

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iEvolve: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Published: Wednesday,12 October, 2016

A past participant of iEvolve shares her experience of the programme.

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HeartSpace Review

Published: Thursday,6 October, 2016

A heartfelt review of the HeartSpace workshop that takes an in-depth look at the nature of human relationships.

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Recipe: Irish Soda Bread

Published: Wednesday,28 September, 2016

A wholesome and delicious recipe from Concord Institute chef and cooking facilitator Niall Allen

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The Foundation Course Review

Published: Wednesday,21 September, 2016

Recent graduate of The Foundation Course, Phil Davies, reflects on his experience of the programme.

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