Next Upcoming iEvolve programme

Concord Institute iEvolve

iEvolve is our gateway programme into the transformational educational work of Concord Institute. It offers a new engagement with life which acts as a springboard to catapult our lives into the unknown of evolutionary possibility.

Dates: October 30 – November 1 and the evening of November 4

Other Upcoming Programmes

tensegrity cyclicity 10

Tensegrity – Cyclicity 10 – Polishing our Links – Part 2 – Father

Being a ‘sorcerer’ means ‘going to source.’ Once we accept our biological source, our mothers and fathers, the doors to freedom of perception open…
Dates: July 15 – 22


Mastery of Wholefood and Macrobiotic Cooking

The course will be a one-year in-depth study of wholefood and macrobiotic cooking under the tutelage of Jean Torne, world-renowned master wholefood chef and cooking instructor.

Dates: starts October 2015


Tensegrity Practice Series

The overall focus for the series we’ll be exploring Recapitulation

Dates: 27thMay – 1st July


Summer Cooking Intensive

A week to cook together, simple wholefood, with the inspiration of the summer.
Dates: 5th-11th July


The Meaning of Money

The Meaning of Money. As a health organization, we recognize that our relationship with money plays a critical role when it comes to our emotional and psychological health…

Dates: TBA